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How can I have a beach body?

I know most of us women have been there talking or thinking about their ideal beach body. We see perfectly shaped and pictured women and we want to be like them. Or we start dieting, using various slimming products or other treatments just to look good for our 1-2-week holiday. I was the same in the past, worried about my body, how I looked and that people will judge me. Of course, there is a line between obese or an unhealthy person who is not comfortable in their body and has health issues and those who are healthy, but judge themselves. How did I got to have my beach body? Its one of the most powerful tools that I can recommend to anyone and the good news is, that is very easy. First, let me tell you what happened to me at a beach I visited recently. I love to watch sunrises and it was a long journey to get there then a steep walk down to the glorious paradise. The beach was empty, except a group of men, who I think stayed the night. It was tranquil, quiet and peaceful, just what the mind, body and soul required. I walked around and it was such an idyllic setting and a tranquil space and I enjoyed having the beach to myself and the abundant flow around me. As I was gazing into the infinite space and taking in the sunshine a gentleman from the group I mentioned earlier came by and said hi and we got talking. I told him that I am a Raw Vegan Alchemist and that I create food to nourish, heal and nurture the body and mind. He told me, that WOW he would have never thought I was vegan. He said most vegans are thin and look sick or the other end they could get obese as they are not educated properly as to what to eat. He told me, that my body looked incredible and beautiful as well as my outlook on life. And that he had never met a person like me before and should be more of me around the world. I told him that each day I fall deeper and deeper in love with myself – not just the good, but absolutely everything. He said, yes that is a great idea and that he should do it more often. Well for me that is how you get a Beach Body! And it is the greatest tool I can recommend to anyone. Fall in love with yourself, the good, the bad and the ugly. What a great way of starting the day and what an incredible confirmation and compliment of a true Beach Body! When you love yourself others will see that too and all aspects of your life will start to transform and soon enough miracles will be appearing at your doorstep. Peace be with you, Always. Andrea x

“The paradise that you are dreaming about could only be a stone throw away. What if life can be changed at the same amount of time that it takes you to throw a stone into the sea?” (ab)

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