Inspirations from Zero state of being.

“Andrea is an inspiring lady who offers gentle advice and healing that brings so much positivity and energy. She is uplifting to talk to and the food she creates is vibrant and nutritious. Her passion for all that she does shines through in her work.”

(E. C. London)

“The energy work that Andrea does has deep and long-lasting effects. Coming out of a period of prolonged stress I found that the Alchemy sessions helped me reset and refocus. Not only did they offer me a great sense of healing during the day – I felt so light my feet didn’t quite touching the ground! –  but they also had a long-lasting effect of well being, calm and a feeling of being grounded. Andrea’s approach is gentle yet it goes deep. Go with the open mind and allow her to facilitate this amazing energy into your body.”

(C.R. London)

“Andrea had been an inspiration to me, giving me the confidence to believe in myself and follow my dreams. I love to bake and have wanted to turn my baking into a business and career. Lack of self belief and confidence has held me back for so long. The changes I needed to make were so overdue when I met Andrea. She nudged and encouraged me in the direction I needed to go in. I am now on the path to realising my ambitions.”

Rose Hart Sweets (Woodchurch, Kent)

“Good morning xx well two viewings on the house this week and the people from the house we wanted are waiting 2 weeks to see if we can sell before they put it back on the market. They want us to have it xx . Can’t thank you enough xx”

Few days later Tina messaged me again:

“Hello lovely xx guess what? We sold the house today. Thank you for all your help xx 

(Tina from Suffolk)

“I appreciate everything you are doing for me and consider myself very lucky to have you by my side – my secret weapon! In the last few months, a couple of biggies were sorted out and I know that your contribution. has been critical. I’m finally able to function properly, and put this behind me. I made a major shift and I’m delighted. I’m reclaiming back part of my life, parts of my heart and stepping into a new world.” (A – London) 

(A. London)

“Thank you for saving my life, I was ready to commit suicide and leave everything behind.”

A beautiful being (London)

Hi Andrea! Thanks again for today; I really feel the benefits, feel very light, completely stopped thinking about the future and enjoying the now – such a great feeling. 🙂  I’ve had a boost of energy as well and was quite chatty with people. I forgot to mention, that last time 2 days after our session my knee strangely popped/clicked and the pain disappeared! Well, I do not know what to say… 🙂 I am really happy and impressed and also more relaxed. It’s a super great treatment. I am really looking forward to my next session with you. 

S. U. (Massage Therapist, Teddington)

“Just had my very first Alchemy session, feeling so different with the clarity that I know! I have the sense though that it’s only the tip of the ice berg so curiously looking forward to the rest. Alchemy was a huge effect on me and my body as I finally love it and the way I think about it. The body was grateful for me that I chose to receive Alchemy as for many years I was abusing it with diet, stupid eating habits and I was grateful, because for 9 months gave both my children a home and afterwards it took care of them. Thank you. Andrea”

S.K. (Epsom, Surrey)

Hi Andrea! Hope you are well! Thank you really much for class with you! I especially want to thank you for your extra energetic work/healing. It’s REALLY AMAZING and effective! I want to express my deep gratitude to Andrea for her Access Bars course! It was lively, enchanting and even sometimes ecstatic! This is what helped to understand the Access more deeply, it is very useful to see how the same thing is done in a different way. Excellent teaching methods and constant assistance in understanding the material. Lots of fun, kindness, spontaneity and magic! I recommend to all who are ready to a non-regularity, step out of stereotypes and step into unknown!!
Special thanks for the delicious lunch and Alchemy!!!

E. Lociks (London)

After a difficult period of my life I got the opportunity to receive Alchemy session from Andrea. Being a healer myself it is important for me in times of emotional turmoil to seek professional help to release issues.

Andrea’s place was intimate, warm, safe and comforting. Her non-judgemental approach shows her compassion and she puts everything aside when she starts the session. Different parts of my body started to feel more alive and had a sense of relief and thoughts about worries and problems flown away.  I started to sense my body differently and space physically, not only mentally. The Alchemy session proved me that our mind and body are connected and being in good balance can create more in this world.

 I told very little about my issues to Andrea, she tuned in and asked me questions that were spot on. This attention and presence is very rare as I was expected to get advice’s.

I was able to listen to my body for answers which were more deeper than my thinking mind’s answers. I am looking forward to continue the work with he. Andrea’s hand will find the way to get you the right answer. 

L.Nemeth (London)

“I feel much lighter after my session with Andrea. Her  gentle healing touch invites a lot of space for the body to relax and release without questioning the why or the how. I love the way she steps out of any roles and let’s her true kindness take over as soon as she starts a session. I really recommend her, a very unique lady. Thank you.”

M.Grubmueller (London)

Hi Andrea! Sorry, been really busy and forgot to reply! It was such a contribution to me, you have no idea. I have opened up a lot on the side of sex specifically, which is something that has felt unchangeable for the past 13 years.

I’ve gotten a lot of freedom in that area and will continue to choose to have more. I don’t know exactly what magic you do but my body needed just that. Thank you so so so much. 💖

M.M. (London/Australia)

I received this feedback from Sabine after I did something empowering in my life. #Gratitude

Sabine Wall Testimonial Voice Recording

Sabine Wall (Austria)

“I have not written to you since you have done that Alchemy body process  I have lost a couple of kg’s and my body re-organised itself to a weight that it desires to be. Thank you.”

F.T. (Bracknell)