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How can I stay in the present moment?

As I was cooling down in the sea and taking in the healing sunshine, I suddenly saw boats gathering around a spot further in. I’ve thought oh there might be a sea creature as everyone stared to that particular space, then a little boat moved away a bit and I saw dolphins giving us a show. People were rushing to take pictures, swimming in or quickly SUP-ing there. I received healing from dolphins before so I knew how it can impact the body, mind and soul. I opened my heart and took in the whole experience while being aware that everything & everyone has stopped for that moment and I could perceive people’s mind releasing energies, they paused and smiled and all of us were in that present moment of love. Incredible what animals can create, teach and manifest in us humans. I could see the ripple effect of the vibrations. And in fact, that is all it takes just a moment then another moment and so on until we build up a consistency and we are the ones who create ripple effects in other people’s life. Peace be with you, Always. Andrea x

“Be the sacred dolphin that will seduce your soul to dance with the present.”

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