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Is it ok to stand out from the crowd?

Another beautiful sunrise this morning. As I was walking I saw this valiant creature with its white coat standing out from the crowd. Have you ever thought you were different from others, but you were hiding it to meet their expectations or not to upset them? I did. I remember when I dared to be different I was not accepted by others. People wanted to hear what they viewed was right and anything else was ignored. It was hard for me to be awakened and aware when I was younger and as I grew up others still viewed me as different or even weird, the difference is that now I am standing in my own potency and none of them can cause me any pain or hurt in fact they are hurting as they are losing their power, domination and control over me and others. Remember when you stand out from the crowd you are not wrong, weird or crazy, you are just are. By being the ‘I’ Am Legacy you are marketing that energy to all your signature frequency matches. Keep up the good work and Dare to Deer Different! #StandOut #BeUnique #BeYou

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