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How nature benefits mental health?

When I am able to, I wake up to watch the sunrise as it makes my heart glow and gives me an enormous boost of energy. It goes deep into my blood, bone marrow and resets my blueprint. As I walk along the path I listen to some revocations and meditations and this particular morning I was listening to an Equine Revocation and as I was taking one foot in front of another I saw a bug crossing the road in its own space and peace. I suddenly stopped and was watching whilst this little bug with no judgements, no point of views, no fear, no limiting beliefs crossing the path where people cycle, run, drive and walk constantly.

I am aware that the reason I saw this is because of the revocation I have been listening to each day and experiencing that freedom and peace from this tiny bug was the ‘I’ Am Legacy. What if we can all cross the road just like this little bug and awaken to our own truth, that already exists in us? And not only walk it, but fully awaken and stay there. I invite you all in the seen and unseen to the great awakening and the ‘I’ Am Legacy in non-competition, non-duality and non-hierarchical order. #MentalHealth #Alchemy #Earth #Nature

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