Erase to Create

Erase to Create – ‘I’ Just Want to Be Happy!


You have to be involved to evolve, this pocket poem book is about the ‘I’ Am and Andrea created it for anyone who would like to change their life and evolve from within.

Erase to Cerate: ‘I’ Just Want to Be Happy! – describes one era of Andrea’s life, it is kind of the end, but also new beginnings. We have to be involved to evolve and this pocket poem book is about our Self-Identity. The title is about erasing our memories replaying data and with that we automatically create inspirations without expectations.

A reader can reflect with an issue that is going on for them, whether it is do with their mental health, stress, anxiety, depression, anger or other emotions. There are also simple tools that are easy to use in every day life no matter of one’s background. When we take care of our self-identity we instantly create a global impact around the world, Universes and the Cosmos, that is how powerful we are. #EreaseToCreate

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“Very positive and reading with the right mindset you will find golden nuggets in every poem.”  (By Richard W Knight)

“Being authentic is the name of the game and Andrea certainly is true to her personal journey with that little gem here. There is complexity found in the simplicity of her short poems covering all areas of life. She also shares some simple techniques and tools to create more awareness for oneself.” (Martina Grubmueller )

“This is a great book, very inspirational. It was great to read about Andrea’s personal journey, she also gives techniques for your own self development. A great read!” (By Caroline Giaconella)

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