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What are the benefits of nettles?

These remedial beings of the Earth can be found everywhere and I know that when I go on my walks I make sure I have long trousers as they peak out of bushes where the least expected. Nettle provided people with fibre and they made clothing, linen and paper from it. It was so strong that clothing made from it found in tombs were still intact after thousands of years. It is not only a remedial, but empowering for the body. The pesto I made from it was one of the best I made so far. It had an internal healing touch, for my mind and I felt full of energy and strength, it has given me a physical resilience, that we definitely need in this current climate. As they sting, people use it for protection, you can pick some (with gloves) and put it around your home, it will obviously dry up, which is absolutely fine. It is also very good for skin issues and I think with continuous use it helps the nails, hair and skin. Hence nettle tea is so healthy, it is also good for the blood and my experience with was that it removed ancient and stuck issues from my body in the gut/colon that can stop us from elevating our ‘I’ Am Being to the next level of creation, knowledge or manifestation. It took me to a higher frequency in my coaching, facilitation, psychic surgeries, Alchemy and the clients I am mentoring at the moment. Please feel free to ask any questions. Remember that everything starts from within. Peace be with you, Always.

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