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I was standing at crossroads in my life…

Quantum Stars and Sunset

Wherever I am, in that present moment I know that is where I have to be and I have no other business elsewhere. I looked up the sky when I stopped for a break on the way to the countryside, it was still dark as I love to watch the sunrise so I make sure I see it. I don’t think I have seen the stars and the milky way so bright and clear. I wished upon a star again, if you read my book (Erase to Create: ‘I’ Just Want to Be Happy!), you’d know that I wrote a poem about wishing upon a star and what I asked for when I was little. As I was star gazing it took me back into that time of my life. I asked, chose, created and manifested. Like I always say clarity will empower our life, without it we can’t choose and be in our neutral space, of course this develops as we fully commit to our life.

A week after this I chose another area where the sunrise was incredible, the beach was turquoise blue, the waves were soothing for the soul and the scenery was just awe inspiring. It was a good one hour walk down to the beach, but it was worth it. Then when it was time to walk back to the car park, I asked to see the sunset. I knew the first bit of the walk will be easy and then when we got to the steep bit, I could see the sun disappearing behind the mountain. I didn’t give up, because I knew in my heart that I will make it and finally I was there, right in my eye sight: the sunset. I stopped, put down my bags and didn’t move, and as I was catching my breath, I was embossed in gratitude for being gifted this magical and miraculous moment. My heart opened up and I gave myself to nature, to the powerful energies, to the insights, inspirations, motivations, empowerment and that many-many years ago I had the willingness to fully commit to my life and never gave up. Tears were coming down my face as I was taken back in time in different ages, spaces and situations in my life right up to a significant moment this year. Remember sometimes when we make a promise to someone verbally, spiritually, energetically or otherwise it can define our life and can overshadow our true potential and the powerful being we would be without it. But the decision has to be ours to release it back to the Universe with love (no judgements, expectations or projections), in a zero state/neutral mind. And with that time travel back, acknowledgement and release we will create a different and more potent future self. This was one of the pivotal moments in my life where I released an energy that was very dear to me and I actually did feel guilty about it, but as I said I let nature help me through it. There was still a bit to walk so I did and kept stopping and looking back, taking some pictures along the way. As I got to the car park, I dropped my bags and laid down on the top of the hill to the grass with my arms opened wide and asked Mother Earth to heal me. An era of energies has ended and now it is time to create something different. I felt peaceful, healed, balanced and happy and the sky just kept dancing with illuminating colours. This is being the Self-Mastery and Celestial Medium where we reach a level of awareness that we can just transmute things by a click of a finger. Magic, Miracles and ‘I’ Am Present Moment. Peace be with you, Always. Andrea x

“Asking for a different life and being the unentangled and awakened observer will create a future without limitations, obstacles and filled with peace.” (ab)

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