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How to boost your courage in life?

I am always at awe what can be created when one takes 100% responsibility. Remember to switch your light on when you wake up each day. Allow your heart to open up to the infinite Universe that is in you. Fall in love with you deeper and deeper and allow everything around you to transform. Be in unity with your dreams and desires, learn to receive everything whether they are your woes or dreams. You have an opportunity to start fresh at every moment. Don’t judge the past, simply ask and choose for something different. Remember ‘I’ AM The ‘I’ in this present moment. Be willing to dedicate your life to the most precious being in this world, that is your Self – Identity. Start a new ritual, religion or currency of SELF CARE with LOVE.

“When you step onto the bridge of courage and walk through it the life that you desire will be at the other side to love you.” (ab)

Have the courage to BE. Peace be with you, Always.

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