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30 Days Inventory Clearing


30 Days Inventory Clearing



30 Days Inventory Clearing

This is a 30 days inventory clearing session – after you purchase the product you will receive an inventory form. You will be able to add anything that you are going through, thoughts, feelings, emotions, issues or any problems that you are experiencing in that moment. It is important to note that everything has it’s own identity including money, buildings even a particle of dust.

There is absolutely no guarantee given that things will happen or resolve as we expect as everything is based upon our Divine Self. We simply don’t know anything and how or when or what will resolve. This is clearing on memories replaying data moment by moment. We never know what comes off another person and the Universe as we are going through our daily clearings. Andrea advises her clients to let go of any expectations as they usually block the flow of everything including inspirations.

The clearing principles

These sessions are based upon the principles of Ho’oponopono, which is about taking care of the self. Feel free to listen to Andrea’s podcast about Selfcare click here. Andrea records these from time to time and you can subscribe to her channel for some golden nuggets, inspiring poems or even healing recipes for the mind, body and soul.

“Andrea I am not sure what have you been doing, but the issues I had with someone has now disappeared, I slept for hours and by the time I woke up the problem in my business dissolved that I have never expected. It was truly a miracle!” (D.P.)

As this is a distant clearing session you will not have any communication with Andrea.

Thank you for this opportunity to clear! I love you. I wish you, your family, relatives and ancestors Peace beyond all comprehension.

If you any questions feel free to get in touch. Click here.