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Erase your fears and allow your dreams


Erase your fears and start allowing your dreams



Erase your fears and allow your dreams – a recorded meditation to feel more at ease in your mind, body and spirit. In order to get inspired is essential to create clarity if we would like to manifest i.e. ideal relationship, clients, peace, abundance, happiness, harmony, health or whatever it is right for you in that present moment.

Clients feedback: “By erasing my fears it felt like a weight lifted off my shoulders and I was able to move towards a clear direction in my life, also there were lightbulb moments during the meditation. Thank you Andrea” (tom)

“I have never thought I have so much courage in me after this clearing meditation, wow it goes deep, thank you. Andrea.” (ps)

The benefits of this recording are:

  • Feel more at ease within your body and improve your mental health
  • Identify where you might be holding onto blockages and release them
  • Will help you to create more clarity and take action
  • Can identify where you are or aren’t committing to your life
  • You can start receiving more of what you desire
  • Learn to manifest instantly
  • Letting go of procrastination
  • Living life more effortlessly and with ease

As soon as we let go of any fears, obstacles, worries, anxieties or stress you make a choice and with that choice the manifestation starts. The Universe is constantly eavesdropping on our vibrations and conspires to manifest what we desire. I often tell people to be careful for what they ask for.

Please note: remember to listen to this recording when you are in a peaceful space, at home or in nature. Sit comfortably and it is beneficial if your feet are touching the floor so you are connected to Mother Earth. Do not listen to this when you are driving or doing any other activity.

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“Clarity will empower your life.” (aj)