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L.Nemeth (London)

After a difficult period of my life I got the opportunity to receive Alchemy session from Andrea. Being a healer myself it is important for me in times of emotional turmoil to seek professional help to release issues.

Andrea’s place was intimate, warm, safe and comforting. Her non-judgemental approach shows her compassion and she puts everything aside when she starts the session. Different parts of my body started to feel more alive and had a sense of relief and thoughts about worries and problems flown away.  I started to sense my body differently and space physically, not only mentally. The Alchemy session proved me that our mind and body are connected and being in good balance can create more in this world.

 I told very little about my issues to Andrea, she tuned in and asked me questions that were spot on. This attention and presence is very rare as I was expected to get advice’s.

I was able to listen to my body for answers which were more deeper than my thinking mind’s answers. I am looking forward to continue the work with he. Andrea’s hand will find the way to get you the right answer. 

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